Dungeons and Dragons: Team Work for the Office

Team building is a beautiful thing. So much of it is cooperation and communication.

Want to know a secret? The same is true about Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s not easy killing goblins. It’s a lot harder when no one is talking and everyone is off doing their own thing. I’ve watched it happen in kids and adults, though. Once the encounters start, people start working together. A few games in, and they are working like a team.

Different characters in the game have obvious strengths and weaknesses. Different players have different communication styles. When they all become deeply engaged with the game, they take all this into account and start becoming a team. The tough fighter stands in front of the weak wizard and the cleric makes sure they all stay healed. It’s a beautiful thing to winess.

Interested in bringing this type of experience to your office? Contact me for more information!

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