Dungeons and Dragons. Isn’t it hard?

I’ve spoken to a lot of people who never started playing D&D because they were afraid it was too complex. Honestly, I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. Not everyone has the same brain when it comes to remembering rules and how to implement them. Some people get it right away. Some people struggle on their 20th game about exactly how a spell works.

You know what? That’s okay.

Here is the thing no one tells you when it comes to learning Dungeons and Dragons: Knowing the rules doesn’t matter.

At it’s heart, Dungeons and Dragons is a cooperative game. There are no winners or losers. Not knowing all the rules doesn’t give you a disadvantage, provided someone at the table is willing to help you along.

In my career as a Dungeon Master, I’ve taught many players how to play the game and took them through the first adventures, and many more after that! I’m a believer of teach as you go. From the moment the first game starts, you are playing. The how and why can all happen down the road. The story comes first and you get to be an active participant in that from the get go.

Interested in dipping your tow in and seeing what the game is all about? Contact me for more information!

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