Dread: The Game of Terror and Jenga

Rarely have I played a game as satisfying and easy to learn as Dread. There are no dice in this one. Instead of rolling when characters want to complete a task, they pull a block form a Jenga tower, plane and simple. If the tower stands, you’ve made it… for now. If it falls, well, it looks like the monster has caught up and unfortunately, your character won’t see the end credits.

As it is used to run horror stories, the mechanic is perfect. Nothing rattles the nerves like trying to pull a block out of a rickety tower as the killer creeps up behind you. Trying to hold your hand steady while your character tries to get the car started in time is thrilling. Your friends will root for you… kind of. If you knock down the tower, that means they are safe for just a little bit longer.

Interested in giving it a go? Chicago Dungeon Master currently has slots open to play! Contact us for more information.

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